Peak Power Savers®

– New options to lower your energy bill.

Our Peak Power Savers® programs offer a great way for you to save money by reducing your energy use when demand is highest and energy is most expensive. With two options to choose from, you’re bound to find a program that fits your lifestyle and lowers your energy bill.

By finding ways to lower your energy use during these key times, you can help reduce the need for more energy generation plants. This helps us keep costs low and limits our environmental impact, and we'd like to pass the savings on to you.

Choose the program that’s best for you.

Two programs, two ways to save.

AC Peak

AC Peak Cycling

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With our AC Peak Cycling program, Consumers Energy will install a small device on the outside of your home near your central air conditioning unit. When a cycling event is happening, your AC unit's fan will run for short periods keeping your home comfortable. Your cooling system will return to normal when the cycling event ends.

AC Peak Cycling benefits:
  • Each year that you participate, you will receive $32 in bill credits June through September.
  • CardReceive a Visa® gift card when you sign up!
Time of Use

Time of Use Pricing Options

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With our Time of Use Pricing Options, it’s all about shifting your energy use to times when costs are lower. It's easy! By changing your thermostat setting, waiting to run the dishwasher, and making other small changes, you'll help lower your bill. The more you shift your energy use, the more you save!

Time of Use benefits:
  • Save on energy costs all year long by shifting use to less expensive times.
  • The more you shift your energy use, the more you save.