Terms and Conditions

Consumers Energy’s Peak Power Savers Time of Use pricing options are voluntary program governed by the Residential Dynamic Pricing (RDP) and Residential Dynamic Pricing Rewards (RDPR) rates as approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission (“MPSC”) in Consumers Energy’s Rate Book for Electric Service and any applicable MPSC orders.

The programs are subject to the following terms and conditions:


These programs are available to Full Service residential customers served on a residential rate and who have the required metering equipment and infrastructure installed. Customer eligibility to participate in this program is determined solely by Consumers Energy (“Company”) and participating customers may be de-enrolled at any time at the Company’s discretion. The customer will be required to provide contact information needed to receive mandatory program communications, as described below.


After enrollment is requested, customers will be enrolled in the program the following day. A customer is able to de-enroll within the first 90 days of enrollment. De-enrollment will happen the day it is requested. After 90 days, there is a one-year commitment to the program. Enrollment is voluntary.


Participating customers agree to participate in Critical Peak Events called “Energy Savings Days”. Such events will be determined by the Company and energy consumption during these periods will be subject to different rates as outlined in the Rate Book for Electric Service.


Customer agrees to receive mandatory program communications and to provide and maintain valid contact information for such communications. Customer accepts responsibility for the receipt of these communications and for any increased energy charges resulting from failure to receive them. By enrolling, customer accepts Consumers Energy’s Electronic Communications Terms & Conditions including but not limited to those provisions regarding live and automated voice notifications and text messages when the customer provides a phone number (both land line and wireless).


In the event energy use data is estimated, it will be billed at the lowest rate applicable during which the energy use could have occurred.

For customers enrolled in Residential Dynamic Pricing, Peak Time Rewards, in the event actual energy use data for a critical peak event is not received and the bill credit earned cannot be determined, the customer will receive a flat credit of $3.00. Customers enrolled in Residential Dynamic Pricing, Critical Peak Pricing, will not be charged at a critical peak rate for estimated energy use during a critical peak event.


Customer agrees that Consumers Energy may include customer’s name, address, Consumers Energy account number, Consumers Energy services and resulting energy savings (“Information”) in a database hosted by a contractor of Consumers Energy, and such Information may be included in reports or other documentation submitted to Consumers Energy and/or the Michigan Public Service Commission (“Reports”). Consumers Energy will treat such information as confidential and the Information in the Reports shall only be in the aggregate.


The Dynamic Peak Pricing program rates are voluntary rates designed to enable customers to reduce their energy bill through changing their behavior to reduce energy use during high cost times of peak demand. In no way does Consumers Energy guarantee customers will receive a bill reduction due to participating in this program, and participating customers accept the risk that participation may add to monthly electric bills.


Consumers Energy’s liability is limited to billing the customer at the approved rate. In no event will Consumers Energy be liable whether in the contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, warranty or otherwise for special, incidental or consequential damages connected with or resulting from participation in this program.


Customer represents that he/she has the authority to enroll in this program and that all information provided to Consumers Energy is true and accurate and the customer accepts the terms and conditions stated herein.